Year 6 Residential trip

Children are given the opportunity to attend a residential trip in Year 6. Based on a campsite at Sturry CE Primary School, children are taken to various activity centres and locations including; surfing at Broadstairs beach, an activity day at Swattenden adventure centre and canoeing and rafting at Grove Ferry.

See some testimonials from the children last year!

“It was exciting and puzzling because you did not know what was going to happen next!” James

“It was full of new experiences and activities that I have never done before. I had lots of fun!” Leah

“It was really good because I made lots of new friends.” Jamie

“The trip was fantastic because we got to do so many different activities!” Lina

“It was great because I had lots of new experiences and made lots of new friends.” Ellie

“It was an amazing trip and I would definitely go again!” Annika

“The trip was extremely fun and the activities were extreme!” Reuben

“Making friends was fantastic and the disco, woo, woo!!” James

“Going around with teachers and exploring fun new places was brilliant!” Alfie

“It was awesome because it tested your skills in every way. I loved it!” Karen

“It was a good experience because it was my first time camping in a tent and being with friends.” Kiera

“It was great fun, the zipwire was amazing but scary and the skate park was better. The time with my friends was amazing!” Nathaniel

“I enjoyed sleeping in the tent with my friends and the bouncy castles were so much fun.” Akoya

“Our week away was always going to be banter even if you didn’t like something.” Finley

“Some of the activities were challenging but it helped me over come my fears and the activities on the campsite were so much fun.”

Click the link below to see the timetabled plan of activities for the 2017 Year 6 Residential.

Plan 2017

Clink the link below to see the food menu for the 2017 Year 6 Residential.

Menu 2017